This page details the shipping of Ryo Akiyama and Ruki Makino from Digimon. Ruki Makino is known as Rika Nonaka in the dub. This shipping is known as Ryuki in the fandom.


-Ryo is known as the Digimon King and Ruki is known as the Digimon Queen.

Links and GalleriesEdit

Screen Caps
Fan Art
Rika x Ryo
by ArtistGirly007

Fan Fics
Ryo and Ruki Christmas Special : Peek A Boo! by Psycho-kyugurl
"Every Heart" - Ryu Akiyama and Ruki Makino04:29

"Every Heart" - Ryu Akiyama and Ruki Makino

by sorato is Love & friendship

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