This page details the shipping of Patamon and Tailmon. Tailmon is known as Gatomon in the dub. This shipping is known as Patagato or Patatail in the fandom.


-Both evolve to into angelic Digimon (Angemon and Angewomon).

-Pegasmon (Pegasusmon) and Nefertimon have a joint attack: Sanctuary Bind (Golden Noose).


-Hang out with each other more then most of the other Digimon partners.

-They do a cute dance in Adventure 02 episode 22.

Links and GalleriesEdit

Screen Caps
Fan Art
Patamon and gatomon
by Clinkorz

Fan Fics
Patamon's First Date by LordPatamon
PataGato simple and clean06:05

PataGato simple and clean

by patagato4ever

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