This page covers the shipping of Musashi and Kojirō from Pokémon. They are known as Jessie and James in the dub. This shipping is known as RocketShipping in the fandom.


  • The two almost always are together and even crossdress together.
  • In the manga they marry.
  • During OS, the two often hug each other whether it be in fear, happiness, or sadness


Hints Edit


  • In "Challenge of the Samurai", Kojiro is seen sleeping on top of Musashi for the first time.
  • At the end of "Showdown in Pewter City", Musashi and Kojiro do their first fearhug.
  • In "Pokemon Shipwreck", when Kojiro is scared to cross Fushigidane's vines and begs for Musashi and Nyasu to go on without him. Musashi refuses to leave him behind, insisting they'll cross together, something that greatly touches Kojiro. 
  • Towards of the end of "The Ghost of Maiden's Peak", upon realizing Kojiro does not want to go with the ghost, Musashi saves Kojiro then denies she did it for him in the most tsundere way possible.
  • Towards the end of "Kojiro and Gardie", Musashi is depressed over loosing Kojiro to his wealthy family when Kojiro calls out to her and pulls her up in the balloon. Kojiro tells herhe wasn't able to get the inheritence but Musashi brushes it off, saying they don't need it as long as they have their freedom. They shake hands to reaffirm their friendship, their hands forming a heart, and gaze into each others' eyes, so caught up in the moment they accidentally forget Nyasu.


  • Training Daze

- While settling down for the night, Musashi decides to share her bread with Kojiro and Nyasu. Despite Kojiro declining her offer, Musashi insists. This not only marks the first time another person has put his needs and wants first and Musashi puts her partners' before her own but it is also the spark that starts their friendship.

- Later that night, Kojiro reveals to Musashi that he's been running away his whole life after which she reveals to him she's been alone her whole life. Upon sharing their greatest vulnerabilities to each other, they vow to try their bests to be there for each other and to make their team work.

- When Kojiro is hurt during the mission, Musashi takes it very hard to the point where she almost gives up. Kojiro appears for her, not wanting to let her and Nyasu down despite his injuries. As he does this, he recites what will become the first line of the Japanese motto, "If you ask us 'is that all there is', the answer will be the world's compassion."

- Towards the end of the episode, Kojiro and Nyasu nearly fall in a deep pit, once again only being held up by Musashi. Kojiro, not wanting to slow Musashi and Nyasu down, decides to let go of Nyasu's tail but Musashi refuses to leave him behind, declaring their friendship is more important than passing the exam, something that touches Kojiro greatly. While pulling him up, Musashi and Kojiro end up in a very risque position.





  • In "A Team on Team Tussle", a Totem Ratta attacks Team Rocket with Bite. Kojiro jumps in front of Musashi to protect her from it.
  • In "Don't Cry, Hidoide", Musashi gets noticeably worried when Dohidoide poisons Kojiro. She is shown hunched over his body in worry shortly after the first time, gets concerned when it happens the second time, and even says in the post credit scene that Kojiro's health is more important than getting a rare and powerful Pokemon like Dohidoide.
  • In "Rocket Gang's Island Visiting?! Get the Z-Ring", Musashi is possessed by a Gengar much to Kojiro's dismay. Kojiro manages to save her with Hidoide's help.

Movie Hints:

  • In Mewtwo Strikes Back, Musashi and Kojiro hug a lot while in Mewtwo's lab. Later, when the Pokemon are fighting, they hug again, apologizing to each other for fighting with each other in the past.

Japan-Only Hints:

  • In the CD Radio Drama "It's a White Tomorrow, Team Rocket", when believing they are going to be killed by a swarm of Spear, Musashi and Kojiro recite the lines of a kabuki scene where two lovers commit suicide.
  • During the Team Rocket's Secret Empire Radio Show, Musashi and Kojiro did a skit where Musashi's character (ironically named Jessie) was dying much to the dismay of Kojiro's character (ironically named James). At the end of the radio show, they said it was their favorite skit.

Dub-Only Hints:

  • In "Hocus Pokemon", while in fear of falling off a cliff, Jessie and James hug. In a state of panic, James says "If I never see you again, just know that I love you."
  • In "We're No Angels", Jessie gets concerned when she sees James talking with Kate who is asking for him to stay in the village they've come across. James, who has developed a crush on Kate, talks with Jessie and Meowth about it, saying Jessie might like it too.
  • In "Capacia Island UFO", after finding an Amulet Coin, James calls Jessie "dear".