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Welcome to the Fan Shipping WikiEdit

This wiki is designed to catalog and categorize fan relationship pairings of characters of all medias. TV, Movies, Cartoons, Anime, Web series and so on. These Ships can be platonic, romantic, hate ship (for those whom don't know that's a relationship in which two characters hate each other. This ranges from simple rivalries to downright archenemyism.) and surrogate, so Romance is not the only ship. It can be edited by anyone, so long as they follow the rules.

1. Unless it's in the character's name or you are quoting a line from the series to back up your Ship, foul language must be refrained from use.

2. Just because you can edit doesn't mean you can mess up the site. Be mindful.

3. Preferably the Ship should have implements from the medium you are shipping from. Such as word plays and actions that hint. Also you can include the things they have in common as part of the reason.

Other than that have fun.

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Please review How to Fan Ship first.
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Weekly Featured Article
Robocop X Anne Lewis
Anna Robocop
If there was an example of a Co-Ed Relationship that would be in no way romantic, it would be Robo and Lewis. When he was Alex Murphy, he playfully snarks with Anne upon first meeting, swiping the driving priviliages from her. During a coffee break, he laments that he gets a kick out of a signiature gun twirling technique his kid's hero, TJ Lazer is known for doing. Upon his gruesome death at the hands of Clarnence Boddicker and his gang, Lewis was devistated at losing his partner and new friend. Upon seeing him again as Robocop, she didn't truely recognize him until he performed the trick he showed her more...

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